How to Remove or Replace a Phone's Glass Screen Protector

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Update time : 2019-07-01 15:55:09
It's actually pretty easy, though. Here's how to remove the glass screen protector on your phone in a jiffy using household materials conveniently sitting around nearby.
How to Remove the Glass Screen Protector on Your Phone
Before you begin trying to remove the tempered glass screen protector on your phone, use a hair dryer on low on your screen for about 15 seconds to loosen the adhesive on the screen protector. Don't overdo it, though; you want to be gentle.
1. Try removing the screen protector with your fingernail. Yes, really! Try to lift the screen protector up from each corner. One corner should be loose enough to give you something to work with.

2. Once you've got one of the corners to pull up, stop pulling just the corner itself and begin moving further along the sides of the protector as it begins to peel off. This will keep it stable and help prevent it from breaking apart before you can get it completely off. Go slowly as you do this to keep the screen protector in one piece.

If your fingernails aren't doing the trick, try using a toothpick instead.
1. Try prying the screen protector off at one of the corners, switching corners after a bit to see if another one works better. Make sure to point the sharp end of your toothpick upwards and away from the screen rather than downwards and toward it so you don't damage your screen.

2.If you're successfully able to pry a corner up, gently pull it away from the phone with your fingers. Take it easy, because you don't want to rush the job and tear your screen protector into pieces.
How to Replace the Glass Screen Protector on Your Phone
Once you've successfully removed the glass screen protector from your phone, it's time to replace it. Make sure your hands are clean, and gently clean your phone's screen with a microfiber cloth or alcohol pad, provided you have one.
If your screen protector didn't come with a bottle of solution, you'll want to try the dry mounting method explained below. If it did come with one, go for the wet mounting method.
1. Peel the film from the screen protector's sticky side.
2. Line up the screen protector with your phone's screen, taking extra care to make sure it's perfectly aligned with the device from all sides.
3. Gently place the screen protector on top of your screen, starting at one end and gradually moving to the other end. Take your time.
4. Take the film off from the top of your screen protector. You should see a clean surface.
1. Take the spray provided with your new screen protector and spray it on the front and back of the screen protector; this will keep it moist during the installation process.
2. Gently place the screen protector on top of your phone's screen, starting at one end and gradually moving to the other end. Take your time.
3. Use the squeegee that came with your kit to squeeze the excess solution out from under the screen protector. Start in the center, then gently push it out toward the edges. Hold firmly onto the protector so it doesn't move around.
4. Leave the screen protector to dry for at least half an hour so it will fully bind to your phone's screen.
Once you've got your anyfe brand new tempered glass screen protector in place, your phone will look as good as new and you can begin using it again.